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Coming back to my roots in Collingwood has been the best personal and career move so far in my life; although getting back here was full of great adventures.
During my time in Toronto and abroad I’ve done not only in salon care but also hair and makeup for magazines and fashion shows, and have worked on commercials and ad campaigns. My favourite experience of course is creating an environment that truly represents who I am and to be able to share this with all our clients every day. Moving to Collingwood, I made one promise to myself: never stop updating and inspiring myself professionally. Well, I’ve actually done more education in the past 3 years than I have in the previous 20. My education in Paris at Alexandre de Paris was the most memorable. I felt like I was in kindergarten learning all over again. I love living with a beginner’s mind so I am open to learning in every moment. As well as regular education in Toronto, we bring our educators to our salon to inspire and inform us of the newest trends and techniques. I love what I do now as much as I did when I was working and living in Toronto as a young artist. Now, I’m a young artist at heart!!

Nicole MacGregor

I am a passionate artist that sees the art in all things. I am excited to be part of the team at salon blue because we are always updating, doing our own shoots for Social Media and fashion shows for local businesses.
My other passion is pottery which is a relationship to space and form. This bodes well for me in my craft as a hairdresser. I’m very visual so these forms of art compliment the other.




Aisnley Garbutt

My hair journey sparked in Toronto while I was finishing up my Performing Arts degree and knew that my life was taking a different turn. Doing hair and makeup to be on stage was a part of the industry that I loved; it was what started my interest in the cosmetic world.
I moved to Vancouver B.C. and gained my licence there, graduated at the top of my class and was hired as a junior stylist right away. I ended up working for a company there for 4 years and it was a time where I grew immensely! Rapidly learning and educating myself I went from junior stylist to master stylist in 3 years.
I grew up in Collingwood and came home to be with family. I have been working back home for over 6 years now, and have settled in with my husband and our small family.
I am very excited to be a part of the Salon Blue team and am looking forward to meeting many new clients along side the ones I have come to know and love!