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Product and Blowdrying

Take out at least 40% of the water before applying your Styling product.  You will maximize the benefits without dilution.

Season Hair Issues

After the long and harsh winter the lengths of your hair may be feeling dull, lifeless and damaged. Try pairing a luxurious glossing treatment with a healthy trim and Precious oil treatment this spring to help prepare your hair for the sun and heat of the upcoming season.

Save Your Product

On the 2nd day, apply water or Colour Fanatic 21 to your hair and revitalize your style!

Wedding Hair

Wash your hair the night before the big day! This will help your curls and updo to last longer through out the night of your Wedding!

 Attention Men

Ask about our complimentary maintenance program.  Come in whenever you need to between services and we will clean up your neckline and eye brows for FREE!